What we do..

Here at monkeypuzzlemedia we don’t just build websites and leave them with you to twindle and die, we re-invent and create content to drive your online presence. We don’t have to hand over your website, we grow it ourselves with your input leaving you more time to enjoy the job you love!

Without a reiterative process your web content will slowly slip down the rankings and not get seen, but its not just about a website, its about your whole online presence… and we can do it all for you!

We do social media so you don’t have to…

Social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest, its a bit like Marmite, you either love it or hate it!! Either way social media can have a huge impact on your online presence, let us do the work so you don’t have to. With our different offerings we can help identify the best times to post and the best content to post. Its not about spamming social media (that does not work), its about well placed postings that engage with your potential audience and drive knowledge about your local business. But if you love social media we are happy to leave it with you. If you decide to do it yourself, lets work together on your imagery and branding, lets looks the same!


This is especially important for a number of business’s especially start ups. You want to have consistent content across all your online media outlets, your FB should feel the same as your website, your physical promotional material should also have the same feel. Its good to create a brand people can recognise and something that sticks in their mind. Ever tried to use your logos on social media and they don’t quite size properly and look professional, we can help. Another bug bear of ours is an online presence filled with ‘stock images’, you can tell these instantly and put a lot of people off, you should show you, your product, your identity, thats what should sell you, not stock images.

SEO – Search Engines

We could write reems and reems on Google analytics, but we don’t want to send you to sleep! We can get you to the top of Google easily, firstly by searching for your exact business.. thats easy! The tricky bit is getting you near the top with generic search terms without spending money on Google ads. What we do differently is we try to get you to the top using generic searches. For example one of our clients is CS Sports Massage, search that in google and it will be top! However what we want to do is get this website shown when you search for Sports Massage West Sussex and other more generic terms.

Continuous Feedback Loop

We want to measure ourselves, we want to see how we are doing, we want to prove to you that we are providing a quality service. On every plan we offer a form of reporting, we want to show you how many hits you have had online, we want to show you the impressions or click through rate from Google we want to show you how your social media content has been engaged with. This shows you how we are doing and how we are going against the objectives you have set us. It isnt going to happen overnight without spending thousands on advertising, but what we can guarantee is, we are using our knowledge to deliver you the best online presence for minimum £.


At Monkeypuzzlemedia we don’t ask for a big investment upfront like a lot of web designers, we want to spread the cost over a period of time. We believe that you should update your website on a monthly basis to increase searchable content and to remodel your website year on year, it should be a continually improving entity, and therefore all our products are charged on a monthly basis.. websites should not sit unloved, they should be optimised and continually evolving so your customers engage with different content.

Integration Tools..

Whether using social media or integrating with your website, there are 100’s of tools out there for everything, for taking online payments, to scheduling and calendars. We believe you don’t need to re-invent the wheel and there are software providers out there doing this far cheaper than ever building your own solution. We work with a number of providers already and pass the benefits on to you through our expertise and in setting these up in super fast time.

Dynamic Email Marketing.

Firstly we don’t spam, we never spam, we hate it. But there is wealth of information you can collect about your customers which means you can engage with them at certain times. Do you run a car garage? Do you want to automatically email your customers 11 months on from a service and remind them a service is due? Same can be done for boiler servicing and many other business types. It could be seasonal reasons, promotions offers, new products, or just offering general advice, but this is a cheap way to engage with your customers who don’t use social media. You may currently do this by letter, by why, when you can do it automatically. Don’t have these details? Well we can help you run a simple promotion to capture all of this information quickly and easily.