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Please bear with us while we get this site up and running, we are too busy at the moment with client sites.

Continuous Feedback Loop

We want to measure ourselves, we want to see how we are doing, we want to prove to you that we are providing a quality service. On every plan we offer a form of reporting, we want to show you how many hits you have had online, we want to show you the impressions or click through rate from Google we want to show you how your social media content has been engaged with. This shows you how we are doing and how we are going against the objectives you have set us.


At Monkeypuzzlemedia we don’t ask for a big investment upfront like a lot of web designers, we want to spread the cost over a period of time. We believe that you should update your website on a monthly basis to increase searchable content and to remodel your website year on year, it should be a continually improving entity, and therefore all our products are charged on a monthly basis.. websites should not sit unloved, they should be optimised and continually evolving so your customers engage with different content.


We use the latest technologies and service providers in the UK to host all of your content, we provide daily backups and our systems are up and running 100% of the time. Want a page or image quickly changed, drop us an email, Skype us or phone me, always happy for a chat.

SEO Checks

We could write reems and reems on Google analytics, but we don’t want to send you to sleep! We can get you to the top of Google easily, firstly by searching for your exact business.. thats easy! The tricky bit is getting you near the top with generic search terms without spending money on Google ads. What we do differently is we try to get you to the top using generic searches.

Were Local

Pop in and see us, have a coffee, lets have a chat. We want to work with local people, we want to be able to pop in and see you to work on content or get some up to date photos for your website, we want to be part of your business journey!