The Process

Planning the pieces to your puzzle

1) Free Consultation – How big is your puzzle, how easy should it be to complete

What is it you want to achieve with your website?

This is where we meet and we talk about what you want, is it a new site, is it transferring a current site.

Fill out the monkeypuzzlemedia search web


2) Design – Is this a 1000 piece puzzle or 50

How many pages do you want, do you want to incorporate social media

Lay down the foundations for your future internet strategy.

Integrations, commerce, paypal


3) Test & Deliver – We complete the puzzle for you

Configure a site that will meet both your current and future requirements.

Does it work on a mobile, iPad, safari, firefox, chrome, IE we test it for you

We deliver your project

4) Review and Evovle – We might of started with a square puzzle, but lets evovle it into a circle

We send you a report on a monthly basis talking about the progress we are making, and more importantly how we are meeting your objectives.

A website that you can manage and maintain and people can find!

5) Support – Want to add pieces to your puzzle, make it bigger